Saturday, 6 June 2015

From Outback truckers to Trinity Sunday

Ravine top #Filey
I went up to St Oswalds this morning with a huge bunch of Solomons Seal that Rev Liz had picked for me from her garden . I'm so glad that my treetop walk along Ravine Top is open again after the landslip, taking 5mins from my cottage door to church without having to go on a road. The ravine used to be the place where the fishermen of Filey hauled up their cobles to protect them in foul weather. There are springs running along to the sea, where Dutch sailors would fill their barrels of drinking water before setting off again over the North Sea. I'll be doing just that next week , but by North Sea Ferries, where there will be plenty of drinking water and water for ablutions, but it will still have to be loaded aboard!
The Sycamores along the ravine path are now in full leaf, and yet only a week ago the church could be seen easily across the road  from the path . Today I was able to marvel at that sheer size of TREES . I take them for granted , these largest of living plants. These trees were planted by Victorians out to make money out of summer visitors, who had to pay to walk down to the sea along the leafy gorge.
My reverie along my 5 minute walk took me from 40' trees to the total lack of them on the road from Perth to Adelaide in South Australia.

No ! I have not  actually been there , but I know all about it from last nights Outback Truckers , my current favourite TV Viewing. The road is called the Nullarbour Plain , of all really clever or totally stupid names. I am totally hooked on the landscapes of Australia as portrayed by my favourite of all novelists Arthur Upfield .

Nullarbor Plain Australia 
His Detective novels are all set in his adopted country , and each of his stories features a different part of the country. Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte  , his hero sleuth had an aboriginal mother , and many of the novels feature a portrayal of the Aborigines and their culture which goes back 40,000 years since their migration from South India.
 Since reading Bruce Chatwin's semi-novel Songlines , which explores the Dreaming of the Oldest living culture of the world I have been fascinated by the Creation stories and tales of the totems and animal stories which are now recognised as defining the tribal culture and unique  Spirituality of Australia's indiginous people.

Ray Simpson then ,back from a tour of Australia and all clued up on  Dreaming had an interesting point to make in his sermon for Trinity Sunday (always a difficult one).It seems that ancient Aboriginal people were not at all surprised to discuss the Holy Spirit as with the  Emu Dreaming they have  known about Him for millennia.
Its good to have mystery and to know a small part of a picture , and even if all the peoples of the world DID pool their knowledge and insight we still would not know all there is to know about our triune God this side of Heaven . IMV

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