Thursday, 14 May 2015

Two difficult words

Ascension and Melchidedek, (Melchizedek,Thanks Gary) to
The are the most difficult words to spell, and every time I use them I have to look them up. Like me , I wonder who else never uses a dictionary but simply googles the perceived spelling and sees what comes up!
Today is my favourite day in the Liturgical Year, like the start of the rest of my life, which in Gods life was sort of true. Its my most Anglican Day in mindset. Its the day of DAY OFF, its the day of Rejoice, its the day of my favourite Bach Cantata, more of a short Oratorio really BWV11Praise Our God (Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen)*. I have only one Vinyl Recording left , the Kathleen Ferrier version of this Cantata.

Here  is  the human response to the Ascension ,  falling so short, and not getting the whole point . Its much easier to get a grasp of the day by reading through the Daily Office for Ascension Day. If you use the internet daily  this useful App is a great tool for your Homepage.
I'm not a regular reader of the Daily prayers on this App, but like Google Sky and QR reader or Nutmeg in the Spice Cupboard one would be bereft without it .

Addendum: Listening to BWV Cantata 43 .Gott fahret mit jauchzen,God is gone up with a shout! Trumpets and fanfares in this one and the words are of triumph and Kingship . Fantastic !

*Here looking at the German translation on the notes with the CD I feel just like Lady Catherine de Bourgh , If I had learned it I would have been most proficient ,She of the Pianoforte, and me of German lessons, for I never got French , Latin or Greek but German looks logical*

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