Saturday, 23 May 2015

Drunk in the morning

Drunk! -Thats exactly what the people thought of the first Christians at Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2Rev Andrews leader in June Envoy  talks of the beginnings  of AA  , and neatly links to Pentecost (pages 4 and 5). 
I couldn't wait for you all to get your copies of the Envoy so have posted a link above before the May
Spring comes to the end. 
Tomorrow at Cafe Church we will be celebrating the birth of the Church . The team have been asked to each bring a cake . I have made a  Diabetic one which my husband  calls The Wolf Hall cake as he says it is seriously Tudor in appearance and taste . It has no sugar , eggs or fat and is held together by dates, fruit and wholemeal flour with lots of spice. The recipe says to soak the fruit in Cognac or Whisky, but I only ever have Rum (as from a seafaring family ) so I used that , and drizzled lots on top before adding the the Marchpaine made with Stevia . I am hoping that tomorrow people will invite the Holy Spirit into their lives in a new way, and that the rum in my cake gives no one the chance to be drunk in the morning .

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