Sunday, 26 April 2015

If you dont do facebook #fb

There are two groups in Filey. There are two groups in my circle of friends . There are two groups in my family. 

I can't say the same about #Twitter as only B and Bs and Plumbers and those renting out Holiday Accomodation seem to use it in Filey and of course @FileyParish , only one of my friends uses it and none of my family do. 
Interact with all your family at once
The social divide afforded by Facebook however needs STRATEGIES  to  JOIN THE TWO COMMUNITIES

  • So in Filey , to keep abreast of the local news we all need to read the  monthly magazines Filey Bay Today and  the Filey Envoy, Scarborough Borough News pages 79 ishto 83ish . I must also post photos on this site as well as #Fb
  • So in my circle of friends I need to be a good friend and keep in contact with people by phone and sending birthday cards and messages on Whats App (more and more of my circle are using this.) If I were still a teenager I would be using Snapchat.
  • So in my family I have to e mail the one member who does not do #Fb with all the updates and a small selection of the photos that  all the rest of us are sharing using the Customised Option for my Family Group  (Privacy so that only family can see some pictures *)

*Many people do not do #fb because they do not understand the PRIVACY options.

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