Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Like good coffee-bring a friend to Cafe Church this Sunday

The Coffee team have been doing the barista without the bother since June now, and we've got it sorted. We look forward to serving you on Sunday. 
Chloe ,  Pauline , Linda and I can even remember who drinks what . We know the Health and Safety routine, we remember to use freshly ground Coffee using near  boiling water . We have a Frother for cappuchinos, we've heard of skinny flat whites, and decaffs . We serve Herbal teas, Earl Grey for Wendy, Hot Chocolate for Eileen and Liquorice tea for Ann, and ordinary tea for David on the computer with Paul. Rev Wilma doesn't usually have anything but water. 
I start looking forward to Cafe church on about Tuesday , so with  4 days to go start planning your weekend round it. Now what shall I wear? Who will be there ? HE WILL!

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