Monday, 29 December 2014

Don't blame the Led lights!

As with Mannekin Pis we adorn  our GGG uncle to fit the season or occasion. He has worn the same hat for the last 20 Christmases . This year we have given him a necklace of Led lights. Our little fisherman's cottage is so small we have no room for a tree, but manage to cram every nook and cranny with lights.
(I was going to say we, but realise I must say I here.) I love the cheap , cheerful, gawdy, tat, shiny, tinsel,  and the bling of the Festive Season. I don't even mind calling it the F.S. I like New Year, Hogmanay, and can make it last to Candlemas with ease. I'm with the Royle family who keep their tree up all year to enjoy it. 
So I was a little disappointed that the  new lights adorning GGGUncle looked different on Christmas Day . The blue lights had turned to plain glass coloured. By Boxing Day  the green and the yellow had faded to clear glass too. Last night only the Orange  lights still glowed with colour. I blamed myself, I bought them from Wilkos where all the lights were cheap or was it Boyes*. My mind moved on to blame the Electricity board . Perhaps the power was overloaded and thus reduced, like the gas on Christmas Day (yes really) .

Last night however my brain cells kicked in to full function , and I realised that the lights were battery powered. I congratulated spouse for keeping a good stock of AA and AAA batteries in hand . I changed the batteries and the lights glowed back to full brightness. 

Just like ones spiritual life then ,at busy times. Let the power run down and so will you. So on your new Christmas Gifts of ipads, Smartphones and Tablets get yourself a Bible App and have 5 minutes with that before going on to Facebook .

*If you are reading this in USA , or other foreign parts, Boyes is a worthy Northern Emporium where one can find many a bargain. I have read the Stats .  We have had this month  99 viewers in USA and 29 in the Ukraine,131 in Germany and 62 in China .

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