Sunday, 23 November 2014

Reporting back

Pauline reports back that she had a wonderful time at the Alpha away day, and she was not the only one. She was filled afresh with the Holy Spirit and so pleased to share the joy with us all today at Cafe Church . 
I realised this morning that so many of you are not on Facebook so cannot see our #cafechurchfiley pictures each time on the Filey Parish_UK Facebook page. I haven't been putting the photos in the Picasa Albums on this Blog either so when I have a moment will put a selection for you to see what we get up to at Cafe Church .

Today was typical -lots of good coffee was drunk , lots of singing and chatting and an hilarious sketch called the Tone Deaf Angel, a sketch with a twist too, and you will have to ask one of the angels to tell you the gist- Mrs Ann Stringer, Rev Liz Kitching , Mrs Jacqui Walker and Rev Wilma Horton oka Gabriel and a heavenly Host  and you will be surprized which one was Gabriel.
After Cafe church we seamlessly moved into a Soup and roll and Cake lunch to raise money for the  trip of young people from Filey School, to Mexico ,with Chloe who went this year. They will work on a project building houses for homeless people. 
SO Ive put a few pictures of the morning here for you. If you want to learn how to use Facebook, ask a teenager!! I would love to help anyone in Filey Parish who would like to use it, its a really positive experience if you learn how to use the Privacy settings. 
Jay, Courtney and Maisie

Cleo getting material for her blog

Louise and family

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