Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I testify. A brilliantly simple idea

I have copied this from the latest e-letter from Fresh Expressions. Nothing speaks about Jesus , His love for us and our reaching to take His outstretched hand better than hearing how others did it. What encouragement!

The idea is simple – short, digital testimonies of up to 3 minutes.
Recorded on your phone or tablet and sent to us here we would hope to build a site of faith stories to inspire and encourage.
There’s not much we ask for format wise other than the films being with who you are (Christian name will do) and where you live (town/city rather than full postcode) and then how it is you came to faith in Jesus Christ.
How to send it to us:
Once recorded please send us your film via a file sharing website such as www.filepigeon.com
1) Upload the file from your phone, tablet, computer etc
2) Add the email address you are sending it to: Talitha.proud@churchofengland.org
3) In advanced options, add your contact details so we know who is sending us the file
4) Press send. (If you are sending it from your phone it will work quicker connected to wi-fi rather than 3G/4G)
If filepigeon doesn’t work for you, you can also try sites such as www.wetransfer.com, or www.filesnack.com.
We would get in touch with you just to check you are happy with your story going up on the site before we publish it.
Currently we are looking to go live sometime in October and hope to do so with a large number of fantastic faith stories.

If you have any questions or queries do feel free to get in touch with Talitha Proud atTalitha.proud@churchofengland.org

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