Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cafe Church OKA #cafechurchfiley

is at 9.30 for 10am on Sunday Mornings , NEXT ONE IS 12TH OCTOBER and is not all sitting down having a coffee. The coffee and teas are good, the atmosphere relaxed, children play happily and quietly because they feel welcome. People who just want to sit and watch the action do so, and not only do we have a laugh,  we manage the reflective bits as well. Joy isn't something we turn on. It means Jesus and You and nothing in between . 
If you feel you want to know about how to find Joy , or more joy, or joy to help you cope with just day to day setbacks , you might like #cafechurchfiley. We can help you to find your own way to Jesus,  to have a personal relationship with HIM, sounds crazy but its so simple. 
If you are reading this and live miles away from Filey , there will be a Christian Church near you just praying for you to join them. 

We are all beginners , but some of us are already on the journey , and have our  manufacturers Handbook  and the fellowship of others to encourage us. 

You might like to pray 

Dear Lord Jesus,
I so want to believe you are who Christians say you are, the son of Almighty God.
I have heard people going on about the Holy Spirit too and just want to know more.
I want to start a new life, to put the past behind me and with YOUR help find your outstretched hand 
Now is the time , Lets do it! 

Show me who to share with and where to go
In the name of Jesus (Christians do as Jesus said , and pray in HIS name)
Amen .(means lets do it)

#cafechurchfiley is our hashtag

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