Saturday, 17 May 2014

Joan Tillotson R.I.P

I loved it when it was my turn on the rota to do the flowers at St Oswalds with Joan. She was always so affirming and interested in all the family and what we were up to. 
She  tended Royces grave and her family plot so was often to be found walking over the bridge to the churchyard, where she once had a spectacular fall as a headstone toppled as she held it to get up. Rev Mary went around the Churchyard after that and toppled as many as she could that were in danger of falling. So I think of Joan every time I too lean on a stone to lay flowes on the graves of friends and take care!

My  Wedding Anniversary is 27th July. I always tried to use Scabious in Church as near to the date as possible as being one of my favourite flowers they are what my bridesmaids Sarah and Caroline carried. The florist in Hull, Kathleen Knott , tried to talk me out of them , but  I stuck to my guns. They are difficult to arrange . Joan used to call round at Kiaora every year and bring me a bunch of Scabious, as in my Silver Wedding year 1997 she had done a the Arrangement for me on the carved chest, always her favourite place to put her own special flowers. 
So I have just bought a  Scabious plant from Kathy at the pet shop. I will put it in a special corner of the allotment  and every year remember dear Joan .

Wild Scabious and bought ones, for 40th WA

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