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A post from January 2011

MATHS , Tescos and Sugartown

H/T to The Simple Pastor and Martin Eldred

In the new Filey Tescos  I have really been enjoying the self-service Check  out Till. I have used one about 10 times now, as readers will know I do most of my shopping in THE  LITTLE SHOPS of FILEY and not in the  HORRORS of the corporate giants. I have not since November once taken the car to Morrisons , having cut carbon emissions walking to Tescos, for cheap Scottish Porridge Oats, Ghee or Aynsley Herriot Thai soup. I still get my organic milk at Mills  so only stroll to Tescos for the odd thing. The self service CHECK OUT is a JOY to me, now that it has overtaken the Computerised CHECK IN at the Doctors and the DO IT YOURSELF CHECK IN at the Library in my list of love to dos.

I have struggled at Tescos to work out the nuances of their computerised exit facility and now have got it. After the satisfying bleep of the BAR CODE READER the goods have to be left on the right hand side where the bags hang . If I put the goods straight into my waiting Basket on wheels OKA faithful friend , the computer says NO and Retail operatives  run to see what I'm stealing. I have at last sussed it. The right hand side is a WEIGHING MACHINE. Your goods are weighed to see that they tally with the Cash Receipt. Its a miracle of MATHS. What databases have had to be inputted first, what allowances and variables programmed into the procedure.

Stats for this site
The Sugartown Effect is a different branch of Maths. Since putting the name Sugartown in a post last week on this site the STATS have been going bonkers. I have  been able to see that instead of 30 hits a day , we have been having hundreds. Its a miracle of MATHS. 

So you will appreciate that I love this too:

The Wordle software counts the number of words in a piece of text, and then in a WORD CLOUD reproduces each word used according to frequency, so that the most used words are the Largest.

 also a Its a miracle of MATHS

What do you think of it  then?

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