Monday, 9 December 2013

...all since it was created it on Friday!

Following Robert Brigg's informative talk during our Filey Parish vision day about the needs of children and families in Filey...I prayed, asking God, 'How can I help; what can I do?' Inspiration followed and the following facebook group was born. 

Here's a snippet from the facebook description...
'New Filey facebook group - this group has been created to be a Filey community-minded place where people can buy, sell, give-away, swap & request items for children and babies - the local charity shops are great too! Let's help and support each other. 
Thank you to everyone who has joined & supported the group so far. It’s great to see it growing so quickly. If you can, please continue to help spread the word.' Thank you, Hazel Allington 

So far:
a church member has come on board as a facebook admin and supporter;
the group has attracted seventy nine members; 
two items have been donated to our toddler group which were on our wish-list!; 
a comfy 'Bumboo' seat for our little ones at Toddler group
(two have been donated)
a mum has sold something; 
and another mum was able to purchase something she needed at an affordable price.  
... all in a few days, since it was created on Friday!

Please join and/or pass the link on to anyone who might be interested. 

Thank you!

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