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Thanksgiving and Memorial Service, Sun 3rd Nov 3pm St Oswalds

Thanksgiving and Memorial Service St Oswalds 2011

I have recently  received 2 invitations to similar services, one from the St Matthews  Church in Croydon where my aged aunt worshipped , and one from Whitgift House where she died . That a year has already gone since I spent so much time travelling to Croydon and back is amazing. It is poignant for me too, as my sisters and I are now  having to make similar trips to ancient mother in Beverley . I feel an expert in Geratrica. I feel I know much  about End of life care, of Power of Attorney, of Tena lady and how to speak clearly and loudly but not disturb others.
A friend said to me last week when I spoke of my Mother  'well , we've all been there' , talking of the difficulties of dealing with sensitive issues, and interacting with other family members who can make a testing situation much more frought with tension. She is right too. I was at a funeral of a friend my age , last week , having seen her the day before she died in the Hospice in Scunthorpe. The family dynamics : who is speaking to whom , and who is grieving the most are seen from an out of the family observer. Yesterday I talked to someone  who shared similar thoughts as she tried to come to terms with arranging  the simple scattering of ashes and all the negotiations concerned inhouse with the family.

Dorothy Thompson , until recently our verger , felt that it was one of the most important jobs in our Parish of Filey, and the place where the love of Christ had to be shared with the people of Filey who often only came to St Oswalds for the Last rite of Passage . She too is right. On Fridays , when I am doing flowers, and going in and out to the Dustbins, I realise just how many people come to our lovely graveyard. How I wish the church could be open every day during daylight so they can come in and out. 
Thanksgivings and memorials are part of ALL OUR LIVES.( I read that humanists are now gathering for Praise and Worship, not sure what or who they are singing too.)

So , if you have had to face the death of a loved one in the last year there will be a memorial service somewhere near you as we in the Christian Church celebrate ALL SAINTS

Collect for 3rd November

Eternal God, our maker and redeemer,

grant us, with all the faithful departed,
the sure benefits of your Son's saving passion
      and glorious resurrection
that, in the last day,
when you gather up all things in Christ,
we may with them enjoy the fullness of your promises;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

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