Monday, 4 November 2013

Filey has a Lighthouse

Trinity House does not have to maintain our one, as it is a virtual one. Nevertheless it is very real . Rev Liz Kitching opened up her home today for a special open gathering to Pray for Syria , following and using the resources of  Open Doors 
We in Filey are used to lighthouses, one  features big time from nearby Flamborough Head. So we built another one today to beam out the light from Christ  as we prayed for Syria . We want Syria to know that the persecuted Christian Church there has not been forgotten. In a very small way we used our meagre offerings of support to a mighty God for HIM to use for our brothers and sisters in the place where the actual language of Jesus is still spoken , and where Paul began his life a Christian . We were reminded today that the first Christian Church was in Antioch in Syria. 
So we started our lighthouse of prayer to beam out to and with the next one .

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