Friday, 29 November 2013

Bitstrips and The Bible App for Kids

Bitstrips are the latest must have app for some people doing Facebook  whilst the rest of the family is watching I'm a Celebrity  or re runs of Endeavour. I saw that young friends were posting their own 
comic strips  and had a further look in the interests of being informed.
I really enjoyed doing my online Avatar, seeing how it worked , let the reader understand. I am working out how to show u my avatar by taking a screenshot from my brand new Mobile phone which I got on Monday. 
Its the same brand as my last one, just an update, and its the one that James Bond has so not advertising. The monthly outgoings are £23 and I have unlimited texts, phonecalls (capped) and 2G of Data. It picks up 4G too when not in the backwater here. Even Wold Newton gets 4G. Thank God we get a signal at all, as didnt have one on Iona and had to use wifi in the hotel. 

When my children were small , Videos were just on the scene, and all those of  Bible Stories were American. I hated  this, and even now , much prefer to use anything with Received Pronunciation.  Children don't mind at all, but I once taught a small child whose language and accent completely mimicked American  childrens videos, as his parents never read to him or talked to him much. Wholesome media streaming and watching is not my point here, but that as we all use media much more that even 5 years ago, I would always choose a familiar sound  for children to identify with. The BIBLE App for kids which launched yesterday is going to be BIG if its parent You Version is anything to go by.118,000,000 installs and rising . I have had a look ,its American and YES I'll use it with children. Have a look!

Aged parent , according to my sister is finding it hard to remember to read her Bible every day now. That doesn't matter, we are looking for something else with just a line for a day like Gospel Gems or Apples of Gold. and well get someone to mark the day as she is losing track of the days of the week. As with those who are ill, I pray that the Holy Spirit brings a different word to My Mother and those unable to read ,dying  or forgetful and confused, and that  as those words pop into their minds they will know from whence it came!


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  1. If you have used Bitstrip ,are in the Parish, and are not my friend on Facebook, please send me your avatar picture, before I do you all and screenshot the pics for the Envoy!



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