Monday, 14 October 2013

You are special!

I am never disappointed when someone from the Church Army comes to talk to us  in Filey. You just have to live in the heart of the Old Town of Filey to appreciate the needy underbelly of a seemingly idyllic and prosperous little town . When Robert did the text for the Parish Profile he quotes from a Defra report of 2011 that said that Filey ranked 3rd in a list of the most deprived small coastal towns in the country. 
The needs of our town are not the same as those outlined by Jill Hancock yesterday .  She struck a chord with me however. I remember teaching RE in Bridlington when many 11yr olds had not a clue about the simple tenets of the Christian Faith. Jill read a story to us yesterday. We listened as if we were a class of rapt children. I cant get the story out of my head it was so simple.
Just googling You are special by Max Lucado made me realise just how out of touch I am . The story is a parable , and I can understand why Jill always shares it with her unchurched and unloved client group in Sheffield.
So if you missed it , here it is

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