Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saint Francis the William Way

My  upbringing in the Anglican Church gets to me sometimes, when I find myself being sorry that we seem to completely disregard mention of any saints at all in this Parish. Now I do not want to encourage any doctrines that believe that the bones of the great novelist and poet G.K Chesterton  have caused any miracles. I think he is famous enough as he is. Nor would I ever pray to a saint, its just that some of their lives are so fascinating!
 I am sorry that we were denied all the St Michael and all Angel drama last week. I just love the idea of the heavenly Hosts , and the angels fighting for an Omnipotent God , but also sorry that there will be no mention of St Francis this week for me to hear. Actually, only sorry in passing,  as I have just re-read what for me is the best account of what it means to be a Franciscan. 

"Yes, but why did he do it?" he said
"Well, he jus' got kind of fed up with things an' he had visions an' things an'he took some things of his father's to sell to get money to start it-----------"
"Crumbs !" interpolated William . "Wasn't his father mad?"
"Yes , but that din't matter. He was a saint, was Saint Francis, so he could sell his father's things if he liked, an' he 'n his frien's took the money an' got funny long sort of clothes an' went an' lived away in a little house by themselves, an' he uster preach to animals an' to people an' call everything 'brother ' and 'sister' , and they cooked all their ownstuff to eat an'-----"
"Jolly fine it sounds, " said William enviously.*

I dont have to go on , as you can imagine how William and the Outlaws dressed up in their dressing gowns , skipped school, and sold articles they all found from amongst the possessions of their respective fathers; Or how they tried to preach to the animals in Farmer Jenks farm , and called themselves the Williamcans.
So that is why I have posted the Prayer of St Francis this week on the Faith Page. And we can all prayer for the eponymous Pope too!

* William leads a better life from William the Conquerer by Richmal Crompton 

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