Friday, 11 October 2013

On a bandwagon

Just incase you havent' liked ' our Facebook Page yet and seen this photo of Albert Skinner I've posted it here as well. Its been on Photos of Filey Old and New 's Facegroup page for a week now and for Filey is rather a cause celebre. Jennifer Douglas , daughter of Albert posted it first , and then Marilyn shared it on her Facebook Page, and now Ive jumped on the bandwagon.
Ill tell you just why its remarkable for Filey. 
It had 89 comments and 109 likes. Steve had to pin it at the head of the feed for a day or two. Albert is a very modest man, and for all those who are reading this post in Aylesbury, Aspatria and Acapulco, here are a few facts about him
  • He worships with the  Filey Salvation Army
  • He took the War Cry around the many pubs in Filey until 2 years ago, having done the job for the Lord for dozens of years
  • He is married to Lucy 
  • Jennifer the Filey daughter is married to Martin Douglas, and she runs the Care and Share Shop

I have copied and pasted what Marilyn put on her page

Jennifer Douglas posted this of her father Albert Skinner who will be 95 next month and said he still wishes he could go round the pubs with the War Cry. My dad used to go with him. Albert told me once that when he gave his life to God as a teenager people said it would never last. 80 years later his life is still a living testimony to his Christian faith. 

Now there are a few things you need to know. Albert is well loved and respected in Filey. He would be the first person to direct all praise away from himself . He is respected in Filey because he epitomises the phrase 'like Christ'.
He is not alone, we all know people who shone or shine  with the love of Christ. They are remembered . 
Corrie ten Boom said that when someone gave her a compliment , or a word of thanks or praise, she thought of it as a flower. At the end of each day she would put all the flowers together in her minds-eye , and give the bouquet to her Heavenly Father.

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