Friday, 6 September 2013

Pilgrimaging at home..

I haven't Parish Blogged for a while. I am on a Pilgrimage . Not the Holy Land ,as booked and paid for with Rev Mike Woods and Rev Dr Nigel Wright as on our 2 previous trips to Israel. I do see that nearby Market Weighton Parish are doing the same trip in the Spring as we were booked for. We  had to cancel the day before we were due to travel down to Heathrow, as I was refused insurance awaiting confirmation of a diagnosis. Who would have thought scans were done late on Saturday afternoons. So its all in the timing , and now I am having an alternative Pilgrimage. Thanks to the cheerful advice of a dear friend , Colin and I decided to use all the train tickets and Premier Inn bookings we had in London, add to them ,and still have a bit of a break. So I  am blogging my alternative Pilgrimage over on my own Fileygardener  blog.

We are going too to have a complete 2 week break as planned. When home, in between our 2 trips to the metropolis, C will not be doing PCC, we will not go to homegroup,or church in Filey . I am going however to be disciplined in my study of the Psalms, using Dr Constables notes.
We are in the train now, back to Filey. I am thanking God for the rain to water my allotment. Daughter 1 has just texted to say she has put a meal in the 'fridge at home.Thank you Lord for provision.
Jerusalem 2009

We read today in EDWJ of Abrahams willingness to  sacrifice Isaac on what might now be Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The significance of this has never struck me before. I am going to try and be disciplined in studying.
PART 1 of our journeyings in London ended this morning. What have I learned?
That is,  besides the fact that hundreds more people are cycling to work , and the bus lanes have made the bus trips much more efficient.

  • I have learned to slow down (see David Cloakes blog, a must for all vicars!and those like me who think the world will stop if they do)
  • I have learned that migrant workers serving in the Premier Inns are hardworking, polite and efficient
  • I have learned that I am in Gods hands, and worrying will not add anything to my life
  • I have learned that one can manage with 1 pair of sandals, and 1 change of clothing .
  • I have learned that if I keep going on this path , I will be able to manage with the clothes I stand up in.
Matthew 6:27 (NIV)
 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

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