Thursday, 19 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto V and Photos of Filey old and new

Our plumber  didnt realise what he started when he had the idea for a Facebook Open Group  called  Filey Photos Old and New. 
People in our Capital have been mugged as they bought the first copy of Grand Theft Auto V game, and that bad publicity is nevertheless Publicity . I saw all the Hoardings advertising GTA V last week , but had no idea what it was, thought it might be a film. Now I know, Its a Video  game, but according to the Guardian writer Keith  Stuart its a 

'GTA 5 review: a dazzling but monstrous parody of modern life'

I however  do not have to worry about that. I have enough trouble trying to keep away from the new Facebook Group Photos of Filey Old and New.  Today I missed the bus ,standing at the bus station in town en route to Scarborough. It came and went. I was on my mobile looking at all the new comments on this rapidly growing site, which  for Filey is quite VIRAL.

The difference from GTA V is
  • it costs nothing
  • its not a Parody but the REAL THING
  • its putting people together not isolating them
  • it will never get out of date
Thanks Steve!!

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  1. Thank you Margaret. I'm glad you're enjoying the page.



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