Sunday, 8 September 2013

Facebook , Twitter and Blogging in Filey Parish

Pam Roberts
I have just found the certificate given to me at Filey Library  to show that I had completed the tasks training me to understand and use e mail. I really just cant believe that that its dated 2000. It seemed so difficult at the time, as did the following courses at the Evron centre teaching me Text processing, Word Processing, Publisher, Frontpage and Access.  I watch Liz in the office as she inputs her text so quickly. I am quicker than I was 10 yrs ago, but still do this with my index fingers. Sometimes it takes me hours to do a post,as I make so many mistakes. 
You in Filey parish might be reading this and thinking I wish I could do Facebook or I wish I understood Twitter or I wish I could learn to blog . 4 years ago I offered to show others how to blog, but there was hardly any take up. I think now the time is the right time. I am thrilled that Filey Parish Facebook no longer depends on me, and that Ann and  Pauline are posting now. Rachel, Bobby, Pam,Ben  and I are the only bloggers at present .

If you are thinking that you would like to use the Social Media , and want a lesson or two or more let me know .I won't offer Computing lessons, these may be had in Filey Library or Age Concern.   If you have a laptop and we can find a hotspot , I will set something up in the late autumn if there is a call for it.

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