Saturday, 17 August 2013

Zoo calls Dog a Lion

A Chinese Zoo has been exhibiting a dog and calling it a lion. The fraud was exposed when the dog started barking. 
The first time I ever saw a lion in 1958, I was in no such doubt. Cavendish Road Junior School's trip to London for Standard 4 was a highlight of my young life. The train journey took 4 hours each way , and we fitted lots in , including Regents park Zoo , where our headmaster was very keen to show us Churchill the famous lion, which I photographed with my new Brownie 127 Camera, the photo now long lost, but the Brownie still in its case in the study.
Lions are such a common icon , I wonder how in these days of the Internet, even in China, anyone could be fooled by a dog masquerading as a lion.
CS Lewis was no fool when he thought up Aslan the lion to represent our Almighty  God  .
If you google the word Aslan you soon come to all sorts of websites that are far from Christian, and I have been thinking about how we as Christians are actually seen? Are we masquerading as lions when we are actually dogs? How do the people of Filey see us ? Is that important?

I have been listening to New Wine CDS , which my Hull sister has bought over the years. The Challenges are coming with every CD. 
Thankfully the start of the answers to all these questions is , How does God see us?
One pastor Kenny Borthwick from a church in Edinburgh and speaking at Christ Church Bridlington said that  90% of the funerals he took were of suicides and drug overdoses, and that REJECTION was one of the triggers for alcoholism and drug dependency. He goes on to say that the way we see ourselves is not the way God sees us: we are loved as the Father God loves Jesus the son. 

So we may feel we are dogs posing as lions for the world, but actually , because of Christ,  we are in the Pride real time.

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  1. Its great to be in THE PRIDE real time .

    I too went with Cavendish road school to London . My photos had zoo pictures on top of a bed of tulips . I had forgotten to wind my film on ! Do you remember those days ?



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