Saturday, 24 August 2013

Starr Carr and Flixton Island, Mesolithic Site, Wetland Projects and a great day out

'The peat was up to this level before shrinkage ...' Prof Milner

Tim Burkinshaw

Today we went to the Open day for Starr Carr's Flixton Island Site! I could go again tomorrow , it was such a great day.The weather app gave a window of fairness for a couple of hours so my sister and I decided to GO FOR IT. We didn't really want to go tomorrow 25th August as Tim Burkinshaw@CarrsWetland was only doing landscape tours today .
I learned about the topography of the Flixton Island Site, how the Wetland Project also embraces HLSA (Higher level Stewarship agreements) with 11 local farms and together manage wet grassland to benefit wetland habitats.
This talk and walk set the scene for Prof.Nicky Milner's  tour round the dig itself . Buy the book -or borrow mine, there is so much for the layman to learn and enjoy I couldn't begin to explain that approx 11,000 years ago people were napping flints , eating horsemeat and red deer just a few hundred yards from the landfill site at Seamer.
I was glad for a sit in a deckchair listening to the  “Mesolithic soundscape” where you can sit in the middle of a circle of speakers and immerse yourself in reconstructed Mesolithic sounds – wild animals, flint knapping, boating across the lake.

been thro the sieve
And my highlight-
holding an axe fashioned from flint from the Wolds, last used by a man or woman with serious intent to acquire food and dug from the ground this week.
And the green lane from Flixton..

Lovely to see you ,Carole!
Green lane to Flixton Island

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