Thursday, 22 August 2013

How they did a Sacred Space





Scarborough Deanery's Fresh Expressions Team got it just right on Filey Beach last weekend.
They advertised simply:
Summer Nights Sacred Space On The Beach, 2013
Come and light a candle

  • If you have something to celebrate

  • In memory of a loved one

  • For someone who is ill

  • To bring to mind a troubled situation

  • Or any other reason, it's up to you

I didnt take pictures of any people as they came and went, It would have spoiled the sanctity of their moments, as they stood , cried and  shared . Whole families came  together, young people came tentatively, older people boldly. The team were very sensitive , and facilitated and encouraged. I sat on the sand for an hour as it got dark, watching , and enjoying the encroaching tide, the Flamborough Light beaming predictably as if God was saying  'I am here'.

I prayed for our Churchwarden who is very ill, gave the Lord my own worries, thanked God for Pete who was in the right place at the right time, and for the Westway Project.

Thank you in Holy Spirit RED because this was an anointed  Space .

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