Saturday, 27 July 2013

What gets the stats up........

The stats for the post about Sam Foster went up immediately, and doubled our usual hits. I never really analyse the stats in Google Analytics as I have a life away from the keyboard BUT news  about Sam did get everyone talking . Now that @ABCJustin has waded into the Credit Union water he too highlights for us all what we know all ready-many people are struggling to get by, many people are in BIG DEBT, many people do not know how to stretch their money to feed their families. I am not talking about inner city Leeds either, but in Coastal Towns like Scarborough and Filey. Anita Whitaker has highlighted in this new August Envoy,with the seaside cover, the small help we can  give the new Eastfield based, Charity Westway Open Arms
Tired !
In Filey today the world , their wives , their children, grandchildren and dogs enjoyed a day at the seaside. A picture I posted  5 years ago of a seaside ride at Bridlington got more hits than any other, in all time for my own personal  blog. The beauty of a Day at the Seaside is that it may cost no more than an icecream. Today was perfect. There were 6 children  and 6 adults at our chalet today. When I say AT, I mean AT occasionally, for a towel, a cold drink , a cuddle or a sandwich as 3 generations networked and interacted  .
Back for a sandwich

 Sitting on Royal Parade on this good beach day we watched hundreds of people pass by every hour. (No dogs are allowed on the beach until after Coble Landing, so they all bring their owners up at Royal Parade and past us. )
By 5 o'clock we strolled up home past FBOG*'s event in Crescent Gardens, and stopped to listen to the great live music as the Sea Roke crept in, and the smell of Fish and Chips reminded one it would soon be time for a meal.
FBOG event in Crescent Gardens
Today I am going to be thankful and determined.
I am thankful that I have food for the table .
I am determined to support the Westway Open Arms project seeking to help those needing food, Debt counselling and Pregnancy Crisis help. 
If you are in Filey Parish please support the Food Bank by DONATING non perishable foodstuffs (with a LONG DATE!) in the boxes which will be provided in St Johns and St Oswalds .

Father, we pray for the many who are trapped by growing burdens of debt,
who see no way out, and who despair for their future:
give them courage to tackle the problems they face,
clarity in taking decisions which will turn their situation around,
and faith that, as they cry to you in their trouble,
you will deliver them from their distress;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

*Filey Bay Ornithological Group 

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