Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Waiting for Andrew Murray

I am multitasking this afternoon. Until Murray comes on court,

I am

  •   half watching Djokovic on the Red Button on mute
  •  listening to Bach Cantata BWW34 for Whit Sunday on the Bach  Cantata Pilgrimage SDG121 John Eliot Gardiner CD of Pentecost music
  •  writing this on my little netbook in the sitting room,
  •  remembering to go in and out of kichen too where my 40ps worth of cheap tomatoes are simmering into a pasta sauce
  • listening out for the postman
  • AND working out how to get up to the allotment to check the caterpillar status of my brassicas 
My favourite Aria is playing;Wohl euch,ihr auserwahlten seelen

 Happy are you ,you chosen souls,
elected by God as His dwelling place.
who could choose a greater glory?
Who could number the countless blessings?
And this the Lord has done.

I am a hopeless linguist so I'm also reading the CD notes to get what the german  words mean.
I am going to write about Coventry really, as I can't let the events of my last week pass by without sharing some of our brief trip to Birmingham and Coventry last week .
Sans Warwickshire Pevsner,spouse and I were free to enjoy any building we liked. The centre of Birmingham is a fantastic place if you like Architecture.
Birmingham's new Library will open Sept 13

Birmingham is waiting for its new library to open. It looks as if it was designed by the same people who let Clintons Cards go into administration IMO. I hope it lends out more than books on Altair designs. 
Djokovic hasnt got the Ist set yet so can write more . 
I liked the  Birmingham school of Art building, but then I 'm old, and liked the styles of the  Pre-raphaelites and Arts and Crafts movement  before their 1960s revival.

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.
It was our trip to Coventry that crowned that of our one to its larger cousin. And not the Cathedral that we went to see , either, though the ruined  shell of the medieval one was a joy for a sit in the June sunshine. The  highlight of our snatched visit to the home of the wonderful christian Lady Godiva  was the church of Holy Trinity  or HTC as it is known. It felt a prayed- in place. It had the aroma of Christ ,as todays 2 Corinthians lectionary reading would explain. Elizabeth Mayhew was playing Schumann and Debussy, and when she  finished ,and we were ready to head back to the station to Birmingham she very kindly explained much of the history of the area, and plans for the future in the Parish. You see its people not buildings that make a church. Their website shows that. HTC has a rare  picture of Hope (Coventry Doom Painting) recently uncovered (2004). The HTC website gives lots of info.
Coventry Doom painting 

As if that was not treasure enough to behold, the 24 Hour House of Prayer was MY TOP SPOT IN COVENTRY. Ann Stringer's article in the June Envoy reviews 'The Grace Outpouring' by Roy Goodwin and Dave Roberts, and I have blogged on it several times, it is full of entreaties to have 24 hour prayer houses.  A  24/7 house of prayer  in Filey would transform the spiritual life of the Area. Our facebook page is linked to the Coventry House of Prayer for further information and updates for their vision and mission.
Coventry 24 hour Prayer House.

So thank you HTC and thank-you Mrs Mayhew!

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  1. I 'm multitasking too .
    I have washed the kitchen floor
    I have done the ironing
    I have had a visitor
    I have sorted weekend plans .

    But please finish this match :I 'm hungry !

    Our church would love to be a House of Prayer. We are willing but our numbers are few .However we are fortunate to have the Beacon House of Prayer nearby in the Potteries ( Stoke on Trent area )



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