Monday, 3 June 2013

Pray whether to read this!

This is taken from an American Site, so in your mind dumb it down!
Pansies for thoughtfulness
 Makes you think though!!

Thom Rainer shares five warning signs that the health of your church may be deteriorating. Do any of the below signs apply to your church?

1. The church has few outwardly focused ministries. Most of the budget dollars in the church are spent on the desires and comforts of church members. The ministry staff spends most of its time taking care of members, with little time to reach out and minister to the community the church is supposed to serve.

2. The dropout rate is increasing. Members are leaving for other churches in the community, or they are leaving the local church completely. A common exit interview theme we heard was a lack of deep biblical teaching and preaching in the church.

3. The church is experiencing conflict over issues of budgets and building. When the focus of church members becomes how the facilities and money can meet their preferences, church health is clearly on the wane.

4. Corporate prayer is minimized. If the church makes prayer a low priority, it makes God a low priority.

5. The pastor has become a chaplain. The church members view the pastor as their personal chaplain, expecting him to be on call for their needs and preferences. When he doesn't make a visit at the expected time, or when he doesn't show up for the Bible class fellowship, he receives criticism. In not a few cases, the pastor has lost his job at that church because he was not omnipresent for the church members.

Thomas Rainer

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  1. Alternative 5: Rather than become a personal chaplain, the pastor claims to "receive messages direct from God" and because of his "superior" understanding can therefore tell his congregation what they must and must not believe and do. He surrounds himself with yes-men and women and freezes out all those who disagree with him .....



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