Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Heres some I read earlier..

1961 view of River Hull

  • The Beaker Folk of Husbourne Crawley  One of the funniest blogs in the cyberworld, and is the place to start when needing any information on the running of the multinational called the Church of England. In Husbourne Crawley  the Beaker Folk (oka Gary) are guaranteed to have thought of every subject in the known Anglican World on which to blog
  • Nick Baines Blog-the musings of a restless Bishop is the serious counterpart of  former. It too is always full of topical and interesting  information and comments of the C of E. BUT Nick Baines is very clever and I don't always understand what he is saying, but it must be good as he was shortlisted I'm sure for ABC.
  • Daydreamer  Ray Barnes was born to be a natural blogger. AND she didn't start writing until as a widow of riper years  she was encouraged to do so by the Vernacular Curate, now the Vernacular Vicar (another good blog if u r High Church). What I love about Ray's blog is that she shares all her thoughts, her highs and lows, her times of  loneliness and joy,  in the most unsentimental but sensitive way, and you want to be there with her ,having a cup of tea  or a Gin.
  • Lay Angelicana This is a serious, and award winning blog and purports to be the voice of the laity in the C of E. It certainly is the voice of my perception of the C of  E. I do understand most of the posts, but this is rich blog which needs to be tasted just occasionally for maximum enjoyment
  • Apples of Gold  I have read this blog since it first started in 2010, and have loved reading how the author Jules Middleton, from Sussex ,copes with the ups and downs of  being a candidate for the priesthood, and  seeing her faith grow .
  • For something completely different I love Hull and Hereabouts,  well I would wouldn't I , as a loyal child of this East Riding outpost.

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