Friday, 21 June 2013

Bloggers do Cwmbran, what does Filey do?

I have always kept  a cassette tape of Eleanor Mumford speaking about the Toronto revival and blessing in 1994, speaking  at Holy Trinity Brompton. Since that time,and I suppose to God that 19 yrs is nothing , some of us have been waiting and waiting for an outpouring  of the Holy Spirit in Filey. My friend Margaret Corner and I made many copies of that 94 tape.I remember putting it through the letter boxes of every Christian leader in Filey! We prayed and waited then, and asked for God to bring us to fresh repentance.
Then came the Transformations all night tent meeting around 1999 in Bridlington where Margaret and I joined others from Filey praying for the Lord to transform us and our town.
2008 saw the visits to Christ Church Bridlington to hear the Audio tapes of Todd Bentley and hear about the Lakeland outpourings. Neither of us was happy with some of his teachings, and yet we both wanted still the people of Filey turn to God.
Undergirding all this was the yearning too for some  Holy Spirit led worship , and prayer and more prayer.
Margaret died as you know in 2009. Infact the last meeting she ever attended at Christ church was one of the Todd Bentley relayed talks. However as with all the meetings there, the worship was great, and the Ministry afterwards very powerful. Who could go to such a meeting and not ask for the Lord to touch you with more of Himself.
Some of you reading this will have Ministry at all your services, and Spirit led worship. For some of you being slain in the Holy Spirit and having words of knowledge spoken over you , or joining with the heavenly hosts as singing in tongues gently soars as incense to God will be common place.
In this corner of  what was once the East Riding , in an ancient church beloved of Pevsner , many of us are longing for an outpouring , not of the Toronto kind,not of the Florida kind, not of the Johnny Oxtoby kind ,  not of the Cwmbran kind, but of the kind that God in his mercy and love wants to give to Filey as a Blessing to suit HIM.

I am really heartened that the Prayer Life of our little congregation of Filey Parish is growing. A corporate prayer time every day is a great start. Those who have  prayed on Mondays for over 20yrs following Hetty Carter's lead are a faithful few, now growing .DG. Alan Botterills book about Oxtoby and the Filey Revival , and the book about FFald- y -Brenin, The Grace Outpouring , are been bought and passed around the Christians of Filey.

I have been reading all that the bloggers are saying about the fantastic outpouring in Wales. I know that those reading blogs too are yearning for more of the Holy Spirit where they live, to lead them to repentance through Jesus to the Father. So here in Filey lets do Cwmbran . Lets just read about it for starters. The last post I wrote about it got 1500 hits! So someone is interested. Lets all start by reading what a much respected and sound (IMO) blogger has to say about it. **Peter Ould On his visit to Cwmbran.
What is Filey going to do?
Lord , send revival, send it now, start with me *(as Peter Ould says)

*Dont pray this lightly! Repentance is not cheap.

** Thanks Rachel for telling me about this blog post

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