Thursday, 9 May 2013

My favourite day

in the Church year will always be Ascension Day . Today at 7am Christians of Dorking in Surrey will have been up Box Hill singing hymns and celebrating Christs return to the Father and the happy anticipation of Pentecost the Sunday after next. I lived in Dorking once and worshipped at St Martins, a Woodyer church, with a spire of 210 ft easily be seen from the summit of Box Hill.
 One Ascension day , the top of the Hill was shrouded in mist, nothing could be seen of the town at all, just the tip of St Martins spire. It was an intense and beautiful moment, as we all prayed fervently that the Holy Spirit would indeed be poured out over the town in the Gin and Jag belt of Surrey

So today I cant really celebrate the Festival , the service is at 10am  and just excludes all with working days. I tried to play my favourite Bach Cantata BWV no 11 Praise God in His kingdoms at home group last night in our Prayer and Share evening. It went down like a lead balloon. I am playing it now and will again when I return from my day with Aged Parent .
Why do I love Ascension Day? It is the sheer anticipation of Pentecost .It is the beginning of the rest of my life every year. For once the Liturgical year has got personal. I look back sometimes only , at the desolation, and dullness of the past without that infilling of the Holy Spirit. Life was good before , but retrospect has shown how bland , sedentary and beige was my life before I cottoned on to these precious days between TODAY and SUNDAY week, and actually did something radical by asking for the fulness of the HOLY SPIRIT .
 Lent is reflective, Advent penitative, Easter reassuring . Ascension day is the bittersweet rest of my life, filled with Hope and the ability to cope, and the help to do so.
Yesterday the Housemartins arrived outside my window sitting on the telephone wires. Forget Doves, I prefer Housemartins  . No bird ever made its home nearer to me. 

St Martin's Church, Dorking (Ian Capper) / CC BY-SA 2.0-Thanks for the pic.

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