Saturday, 11 May 2013

@GrangerKate #deathbedlive

This registrar at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield has terminal cancer , and has decided to live tweet her death. Now theres a statement !
Picture from Morley Advertiser
I am having a morning to myself. I have done the shopping, the slow cooker is doing its slow cooking, the Bach Cantatas are on again. C is at the PCC away day which is neither away or a day. All those who keep the C of E running , and give hours of unpaid work a week without moaning have taken a shared lunch. I made C's posh red salmon sandwiches and am eating the generous cut off crusts . What a treat is white bread in our health conscious fishermans cottage by the sea. I wonder if DR Kate Granger ever walked past? Many visitors to Filey come from Wakefield, and everyone here has heard of Pinderfields.
So the article in todays Saturday Times has pulled me up short in my  reveries of Ascension day and whether I will order the Pentecost Cantatas from  John Eliot Gardiners excellent Bach  cycle . 
The Olympics were all tweeted live, the announcement of @ABCJustin s appointment reached us all first on Twitter, as did the news of the new Pope, and the re opening of Seamer Road Scarborough when there was a burst water main and the family all had to sleep in Filey.  So this young doctor is tweeting her dying , and is is going to use the hashtag #deathbedlive when she is on it and doing it. 
It was a radical move of the Sunday Times many years ago when John Diamond wrote his weekly column from his sickroom and deathbed. I have never forgotten his bravery , stoicism and humour. 
Rev Andrew and the clergy 'fraternity' are used to being around a deathbed . Many people  have nursed parents and friends , and sat with loved ones . I will never get over the priviledge of sitting with my aunt last year as she died.  BUT to have the courage to tweet ones own thoughts and feelings is amazing, nearly 7000 people are following her tweets already. Here is the link to her blog.

I am quoting from Louise Carpenters article in the Times (11 05 13)
'She makes you count your blessings, and invites you to think about a death that,perhaps , one day might be thekind of death you want............'

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