Friday, 31 May 2013

Dinosaurs and Weddings

Not   a typical wedding in Filey Parish, at the moment.
 I am still reeling from the programme on Channel 4 yesterday about the tsunami that archaeologists think engulfed this coast 6,000 years ago, when Starr Carr was a desirable place to live by the shores of Lake Flixton  not far from Filey. Anachronisms such as Dinosaurs at weddings make good fun as this picture goes viral in the social media, BUT it looks certain that real catastrophes have truly happened in prehistory that have shaped and defined this part of Yorkshire. I  am going ASAP to the Yorkshire Museum to see the  new exhibition After the Ice.  A Mammoth discovered  in Russia with preserved blood was announced in yesterdays Times, cloning could be possible. I hope that living dinosaurs are never part of a wedding package at St Oswalds!
Colin and I are reading daily devotionals from  Revelation at the moment in EDWJ* That is enough apocalyptic stuff for me.
I have enough bother in my head just coping with all the world news as it assaults my sitting room every day. AND I am having a seachange of attitude and outlook. I am going back to read a book that was written in 1877 by the first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, JC Ryle. At our Parish weekend last year at Wydale , Keith Powell suggested we all read it in Filey parish, It is called HOLINESS, and is considered by some to be one of the best Christian Books every written. The internet can be a wonderful tool,so here for all of you is a PDF of the book HOLINESS.

* Every Day with Jesus . The Vision . CWR publications

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