Saturday, 27 April 2013

To care for our world

Our Father we have promised
To keep your world secure
To take our rubbish with us
And keep our rivers pure.
We should not kill the trees and shrubs
To make a road go through
Or burn down all the forests
As this will upset you.
Our Father we have promised
To care for earth and sea
From whales right down to insects
From elephants to bee.
We’ll fight to keep their habitats
We’ll shout out to the ones
Who try to kill our planet
With spears and fire and guns.
Our Father you have promised
To love us to the end
To show us how to care for
Our neighbours and our friends
To keep our planet safe and sound
to stop pollution here
and make us proud to care for
our earth we love so dear.
Sing to the tune of Oh Jesus we have promised new words by Ann Stringer ( 1948- )

Published for ANN STRINGER

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