Sunday, 28 April 2013

..the Streets of Filey

My allotment partner Bernard called round earlier with this photo to put on the blog. His GOOD NEIGHBOUR attributes have been recognised and he received an award
Carole Foster is also a good neighbour of a different sort, and so are those who follow Sandy Sargeants maps in the Envoy and pray with Gillian , David and Betty, Ann,Vera  and others  every Monday afternoon in St Johns at 3.30pm. 
Let me explain;
Since reading The Grace Outpouring I have actually turned my whole life attitudes around. I am no longer upset by neighbours  high on skunk ,abusive and threatening . For months now I have been praying blessing into their homes. I have a new love for them , which is not of my own making. In the Monday prayer group the initiative to pray for all the streets of Filey has been going for many months. This coming month includes all the streets I walk to the shops every day . I can pray for each house as  I pass. 

Carole Foster has just returned from another trip to the Holy land. From her Christian Shop , an outpost of fellowship for us all at the end of our shopping time, Carole has always some tale to tell of what the Lord is doing . We so need to be reminded of global Christianity. Carole told me on Friday about a street in Jerusalem. Following a prayer initiative of
Christians from the States, Carole has been praying for this street for 9 Years, pleading the blood of Jesus over it and praying blessing into each home. It was thrilling for her to go then at the beginning of the month and actually see  the street itself.
 She told me at Family Service this morning that she had some customers  from Wath on Dearne. She felt the Holy Spirit enboldening her to tell of the movement to pray for streets. Not just streets in Filey , not just streets in Jerusalem , but for Christians to pray for all streets , all neighbours, all neighbourhoods EVERYWHERE. 
Carole Foster 

So as we may give practical help to our neighbours, lets also pray a blessing into each of the streets where we live, into each house and flat and caravan and care home. Pray for the streets on Sandy's map, but above all for your own street. Pray for all your neighbours, those you know, and those you dont. God knows all their names, and loves each one.
An addendum 
I opened my Summer 13 New Wine magazine  yesterday, to the article Reaching the local Community one step at a time. Could the Roc Model work for us in Filey? Anyone who knows of the work done in Bridlington at Christ Church knows that a church needs to put its money and actions where its mouth is, so that Jesus can bring HIS kingdom to our broken world,and start to let HIM bring about community transformation.

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