Thursday, 18 April 2013

On St Columba's Isle

The self righteous daughters taking ancient mother to Iona have fallen on the third day.
 We were having such a relaxed chat over our after dinner espressos that we both completely forgot we had a mother with us. Sue remembered we hadn't tucked her in, done the hot water bottle,  the stock of tissues by the bed, turned the heating down, let alone draw her curtains. She had dined in bed , a bowl of mashed potatoes with butter, then an icecream. The hotel chef managed to make it look a feast, well it was just what she fancied.  We had watched the rainbow over the Sound of Mull from our table and wondered whether we could get to Staffa tomorrow.
I remembered how Colin had once come home from shopping, without our spaniel, and that  Sam was still tied  to the railings in Murray Street. AND  when my  not so aged parent had gone shopping to Hull in the car and came home on the bus.
Its a good job then that God never forgets us

I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,”  Hebrews 13 v5

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