Sunday, 21 April 2013


I hear them but have not seen one yet!The Birder in me loves Iona .I have been out in the field below the Abbey four times now.The tantalizing railing call of the Corncrakes (Crex Crex) cant be mistaken for anything but Corncrakes. I know there are several or many , as the calls are antiphonal at the moment. The picture is not mine,its the RSPBS and if I get one , or even see a bird you will all know about it. 
In here somewhere!

I did sit very quietly for an hour this morning as dawn was breaking, and will go back again later as the sun is now out. The Yellow Flags are only just beginning to grow up, so I think my elusive but very present friends must be in the Juncus,  weeks behind and barely greening up. I quietly thanked God for the patch of Butterbur along side the Abbey higher up from the Corncrake patch : Flowers before leaves .
WE were talking to our old friend (Rev)Joyce Watson who lives on the island . We were talking about our stay here and how my sister and I have had to just snatch moments to do anything for ourselves. Our aged parent has not been out of bed for several days and we cant leave her for too long. Joyce said you just 'Thank God for the small moments '(of joy-my words)
Every day has apples of gold  in the day, says I , mixing my metaphors! Today I am thanking God for these things
  • The sound of the Corncrake
  • the patch of Butterbur
  • the fruit plate at breakfast
  • the sight of the Paps of Jura last night
  • a great nights sleep
  • a good husband waiting back in Filey for my safe return
  • a mother who in her frailty had the courage to actually go to Iona

patch of Butterbur next to Iona Abbey

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