Thursday, 11 April 2013

A well watered garden.

I am not photo minded so cannot download up to the minute pics of the service last night but I was glad to be there and witness it all; to hear  Bishop Richard tell Filey Parish off for wanting to play safe and have a new Vicar a bit like our past incumbents. He wants us to embrace the 21st Century and with Gods' help we must comply. I was also privileged to be asked to read one of the passages that Andrew had chosen Isaiah 58 v 6-12. The passage talks about fasting; taking out of our lives the bad things like pointing the finger or letting our tongues run away with us, to concern ourselves with the needs of others, to look beyond ourselves to what we can do to the Glory of God. Then we will receive much in return and the renewing water will ensure we inhabit a well watered garden.

Thank you Andrew for choosing to come to Filey and drawing our attention to this wonderful passage. It is my hope that the congregation will be ready for the challenges the future is bound to bring and we can support your ministry among us.

Welcome and God Bless to Andrew, Hazel and Grace


  1. That's a nice picture of Portmerion

  2. And just when was wondering where it was Pete!
    And Pam I have taken on board what Bishop Richard said, thanks for sharing it. I have been told too that it was a lovely ' laid back 'service.

  3. I valued the bishop's idea of a thick and thin fellowship within the parish. The thick being the closeness of the Filey congregation in supporting each other and the thin being the ability to reach out to others to welcome them, and for them not to feel like outsiders because the regulars are so close.
    I personally have always experienced a genuine welcome on our regular visits from outside the parish but I think it is helpful from time to time to be aware of not just welcoming people as visitors, but encouraging and enabling them to make the transition to becoming comfortable as full members of the community.
    Love to all as the parish stats a new stage of its journey with Christ.



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