Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Who could resist an @to ABCJustin

Blue Bin day on Monday so we  threw away the Sunday Times magazine this week. I wish I hadn't, as it had a memorable picture of ABCJustin on  the front cover. It will I'm sure become an iconic portrait. The one above is just the yes the man knows how to make coffee sort of a picture. 
I shant be going to aged parent in Beverley tomorrow. Once we have done the supermarket she is wacked , and there is no way she is going to miss the BBC broadcast of the enthronement. So she will forgo the stimulation of the aisles of disinfectant , cup a soups and instant mash  for a view of the aisles of Canterbury Cathedral . She is thoroughly up to date my 93 yr old. She rarely gets to Beverley Minster or St Leonard's Molescroft these days as the services are just too early for her. BUT she reads her BRF and Bible every day, and keeps up with all the news by getting The Church Times, which she passes on to me . She is thrilled to bits with the appointment of ABCJustin and will be praying for him every day. I aways try and steer our frequent phone chats away from her social life (doctors, hospital, chiropodists ,  clinic) around to spiritual matters. She is away then on the positive. Her bookcase still showcases her book Penticostal Anglicans  and she has a circle of praying friends and family who encourage her .
I know she will be really interested when I tell her about Monday. It will take some doing , as I will have to explain Twitter to her again. 
@lambethpalace invited all those in the Twurch of England (Anglican churches on Twitter) to  send tweets to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, oka @ABCJustin. So from Filey I sent 3 tweets on your behalf . They will all have come up on the screen in Truro Cathedral. This is common practice now. It happens at all the conferences  I have been to in the last few years. 
How news spreads! Colin and I now know things before they are on the BBC and Yorkshire Coast Radio. I am not sitting at my Mac all day either. Smart Phones have made the global church of Jesus Christ accessible to us all at all times and in all places (for you BCP 1928 lovers).

So tomorrow join with us in Filey as we pray for @ABCJustin  , for his ministry amongst us, for his family as they adapt to a new lifestyle, and that Jesus will revive HIS CHURCH. Perhaps I'll read Pentecostal Anglicans again . I have a great CD of Canon John Gundtone in 1983 explaining to Anglicans how to receive that free gift of the fullness of the HOLY SPIRIT. I think I'll listen to that again too. Thanks Mother !

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