Friday, 1 March 2013

The colour of Optimism

There have been some good adverts today on ITV3 for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity.The adverts show some very positive scenarios of Old and Young , the new born and the dying in lovely family settings.

 It encourages one to wear a daffodil in March . Not a real one , but a little artificial one. I'm sure  shops in Filey will be displaying them as a point of sale on counters during March. How clever of the Charity to have chosen such an optimistic logo for their Charity. I loved the tree at the Christmas Tree festival in St Johns,  decorated with dozens of such daffodils. And who is ready for the field of daffodils at Burton Agnes ?
 Ive just seen the snowdrops there as we Flower ladies went for our annual lunch out at Ellie Maes , this year preceded by the Snowdrop Walk. I tried to enjoy them, but it was a gloomy day, and little white clumps do nothing for me on a dreary day.
 But daffodils, theres another story. 
Their yellow cheerfulness can look good on the dreariest day. Farndale will soon be busy, the banks opposite Gods Acre in Hunmanby will soon be a yellow swirl past on the road to Burton Fleming. What about the road past Brid Hospital to Morrisons; a ghastly road usually (on my way to work) but come March and April it is a sheer joy, as the banks of daffs look as good as anything near the walls of York. 
St Davids Day is today March 1st. Leeks will be worn by the Welsh regiments, but what a waste of a great vegetable. Why dont they wear a cheerful Daffodil?

St David is supposed to have said: ‘Be joyful, and keep your faith and your creed. Do the 
little things that you have seen me do and heard about. I will walk the path that our fathers 
have trod before us.’ 
Sometimes it is the little things that make the most difference, but we also have to notice the 
little things that need to be done and pay attention to them. 

Help us to notice the little things:
the weary man with the heavy load,
the puzzled stranger who is lost,
the hurt creature by the roadside.
Teach us to see your Spirit working everywhere,
and to be the signs of your love,
so that we may be your faithful witnesses
as David was.
 (Taken fromChurches Together lent Course 2009 In the Footsteps of St David)

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