Friday, 8 March 2013

Mothering Sunday

If Time Team would only come to Filey and dig here, in this field next to nearly the last of the  Filey ridge and furrow . Why build St Oswalds , the mother church of Filey in such a place? 
The late Ken Clegg in his local history classes was always asking the question. 
He had researched the fishing community of the Filey before the railway came and posed the question Why would such a poor place with  no high status dwellings have such a grand church?
He was sure that on this field lay the answer,  that botched archaeology in the past, poorly documented, needed to be re-examined and a fresh investigation of the land north of  St Oswalds done. He thought there had been monastic buildings there. 

Pevsner loved our Mother church, and called it 
"easily the the finest church in the NE corner of the East Riding"*

Time Team ITV

I was talking to Mick Corner this week from Gristhorpe, we were remarking that Lebberston and Gristhorpe had no ancient churches so assumed Filey was the Mother Church as it is now . 

Mothering Sunday  is nothing to do with its American cousin Mothers Day. When I was a little girl it was the day we ate Simnel Cake. In Flora Thompsons Lark Rise to Candleford  it was , I think , the day everyone walked across the fields or down the green lanes from Larkrise back to the Candlefords ancient parish church . 
I don't know the hamlets around Filey without a church, Ken Clegg would have known. He knew that the fishing village of Filey had 77 households and covered 833 acres in 1672.

So what has all this to do with Mothering Sunday beside my slight rant about this weeks service being at St Johns, a chapel of ease. 

Only this, my aged parent is 93 in a few weeks, my niece in law a new mother 6 weeks ago, some friends have never been mothers, but we have all had one. 
God  loves us too as a mother does. How often have we read those words about shepherds and hens and comfort and love.  I have been to Carol and bought a proper card, and as a present  an old lady sized  Filey Bay Turbot. Mother will be able to chew that.

The Buildings of England.Yorkshire:York and the East Riding by Nikolaus Pevsner 

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