Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So whats new for Lent?

#Lent is  trending on Twitter at faster than 6 tweets a second. How do I know that? I put a 'Lent 'filter on Tweetdeck and counted!

# Lent; people all over the world are talking about it, yet if you actually filter them again for yourself its clear that the word may be as secular as the word Christmas is.

My husband is no fan of  the meal I always serve on Ash Wednesday. It is a traditional dish in my family, called Hash, as much a ritual then as Lent itself. Potatoes, carrots, swede and onions are cooked together with some finely diced braising steak for hours  with water until everything is soft. Its not thickened (although I do for Cs sake). Its eaten in a bowl with Worcester Sauce. Bet C cant wait!!

This this year Lent is getting much more coverage on Twitter. Here's what I found for you!

Some ideas for Lent

  • Local for Lent   this idea is that one  gives up Supermarket shopping for Lent and uses local shops like butchers , greengrocers and bakers instead. Fine if one lives in Filey. My aged parent in Beverley wouldn't manage that. A one stop shop is all she can manage. 
  • 40Acts encourages one to do an act of kindness every day. Video at bottom of post
  • Love Life ,Love Lent the Anglican safe option launches Sunday 
  • York Notes is the ecumenical group option , and the choice of the 2 home groups in the parish
  • Do it yourself, read and follow a  Lent Book, just Google Lent Books 13 and Mr Amazon will give you ideas which you could  then order from Wrays or Fosters 
  • Do it yourself and read a book you have used many times before (I do Delia Smith A Feast for Lent )
  • Do nothing at all that is different from your usual routine 
  • Give something up

And one of the  best things about Lent is the colour purple!
And the last word with Dave Walker

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