Saturday, 16 February 2013

Please let us know

Colin with Website team 2009

if you find any photos of Filey parish , people and places, that you would like to put in our Pinterest online File. Just email Parish office and Liz will redirect to me. I will then do the 'permissions '.You will need a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account.
I uploaded about 15 photos this morning that were just knocking around in a carrier bag in the West Room, so I scanned them in. Ephemera are just that , but nothing to say we cant enjoy them for a season. One photo made me cry, as it had Margaret Corner on it, who was my dear friend, and died nearly 4 years ago.
Today I pray for all those who have a loved one whose life is drawing to a close.
Sue Neilson reminded me that Margaret Corner said to her when in the hospice , that whether she lived or died it was a win win situation. 

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  1. Must remember that : Its a win , win situation .



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