Sunday, 17 February 2013

Learn to use Mailchimp

Still some free places left for this great course in Filey next Tuesday morning at Evron centre.  I went to the last Survival Session on Social Networking , it was excellent. Theres always something to learn.
I have heard a rumour that someone running the  Parish during the vacancy (and doing a great job) is getting a PC and broadband, so thats great encouragement for me. I have been printing off posts for them to see for years , and now they will be able to do that for themselves, and see whats going on in the Virtual Church . Virtual is a silly word , its quite real to me.
I wonder if the time is ready for more Computer lessons in St Johns? The take up for the last ones was very poor, but 3 years on perhaps more people are going online and discovering how to Google.

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