Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How to get to the end of half term in one piece

  • Do not raise your voice even if the cacophony is at the unbearable level
  • Don't resort to sweets
  • Do leave the children to find amusement themselves(indoors) for long stretches of day,( paper , pens, games  available and accessible)
  • Don't be phased by the chaos
  • Do go out everyday for a couple of hours of  fresh air in large open space like beach , avoiding shops, wrapping up well and with promise of hot chocolate at Coble landing. Beachcombing is to be encouraged.
  • Do have usual quiet time in own bedroom before children wake up , with bedroom door closed
  • Do not raise your voice even if the cacophany is way past the unbearable level
  • Resort to sweets eventually
  • Do play orange boxes, I spy, draughts, and Monopoly with them but not at the same time
  • Do play the tidy up game
  • Do Thank God for CBBC, Willow, and Wii
  • Do have good puddings,only allowed after every carrot has gone *
  • Circus workshop on Friday afternoon at Evron Centre
  • Never complain about having grandchildren, just give thanks

*Desperate today . Giant Strawberries from Mexico (at Angelas) have no taste, but do have required acceptance value from health conscious parents . Serve  by allowing quietest child to choose biggest one and dip in melted Galaxy. Mess is allowed, drips on table may be eaten.Other children can't wait. Fussy one had Apple slices instead of strawberries.

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