Friday, 1 February 2013

Have you any good photos?

Why not open an account in Pinterest. I had heard about it, even opened an account in it, but never used it or gave it any further consideration. I'm the mistress of procrastination. The jolt I got at the course at the Evron Centre last week just spurred me on. 

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.
Since moving back to our tiny cottage after months of sorting , binning and  recycling the contents of a six bedroom house I now know just how to say no to the urge to  store. 
I have always collected useful pictures for memory boards or to share design ideas. I started in 1965 by cutting out all pictures of famous paintings from my sisters copies of Look and Learn. Those pictures formed the basis of the essential kit for teachers in those days. I cannot go past a bin in town full of cardboard, or a skip with bits of polystyrene packing  without imagining a thousand uses for it. Until now that is. I resist now. As long as pictures and docs can be securely stored in clouds and apps like Pinterest I shall be ok. I have relied heavily on Picasa and Flickr up till now. BUT Pinterest can be  as much about sharing as storing. You can also have secret boards where u store and share with just with a few people. Wedding planners, decorators and families planning surprise presents will all find it useful. I am wondering too if I set up a Filey Parish Board others of you will add your pictures to it to save me being the only one with the smart phone pics! We can share .
I am planning a new header for the blog, and hoping that as many of us as possible in Filey Parish will come along on a lovely spring day to the Royal Parade near our chalet so I can take a photo  of us all together . I learned on my Christian New Media Course last year that it was not good practice to have pictures of church buildings as headers for Facebook, Twitter and Parish Profiles. After all a church is the people not not the buildings! 

Header for St Matthews Croydon

See what you think,Say what you think!

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