Saturday, 23 February 2013

All ye that travail and are heavy laden

Not me today  , although have just been literally heavy laden carrying the logs in  from the log store. The family have just taken off for Sussex again, and will stop off at Great Grandma in Beverley  for half an hour before the long drive. Daughter never grumbles about journey home , she knows husband and well organised cosy house will be  ready to greet them all around dinner time. 
C and I are deflated when cottage empty of sojourning small children , as we have been running on adrenalin and the HS for a week. Other daughter , husband and small boys are in Kiaora  so we don't have long to wait before more visitations. 
I have been thinking too  about our resident Archdeacon Emeritus and his thoughts about BCP. How I realise I miss those Comfortable words

Come to me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” [Matthew 11:28].

Whilst I might be just a little happily  tired today, so often in the past , when BCP was all I ever heard, did I used to be so uplifted by those words. Not old lady weary, but teenager desperate and misunderstood, student manic and on the brink of the unknown, young mother desolate, bored and exhausted. I have been all those things. 
Series 1, 2, etc etc to CW all upped the modernity, but I still knew what travail and heavy laden meant, when I was. And I knew it meant rest for my soul, inner peace, letting go to God.
Why the picture ?

Well the shaft  of light is back in our cottage. No  sunlight beams in all through winter, only upstairs. TODAY I know that a corner has turned again, a circle has revolved back and we are back in the light. 

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