Monday, 21 January 2013

The Survival Sessions

Sounds just like a download for Tinariwen or Bruce Springsteen or is it possibly something to do with Soul Survivor?
No1 daughter saw an advert today on the Community Notice board in Murray Street for a Twitter course Mum! at the Evron Centre.  Well done her , as I never would have thought to look there, but she is looking for an evening Zumba class, or an adult choir like her Graham Community Choir but in Filey.  She heard me moan last week when I said the courses advertised in Filey just don't interest me at all.
So I thought I'd give it a go. After all! everything I ever learnt about computing I got at the Evron Centre after my taster at Filey Library in 2000, BBC Webwise . All my years of Text Processing with Win and Desk Top Publishing and simple Website building with Paul have  come to this, our Parish Website. I would have gone on and on if the funding for the courses had carried on, but since my last certificate Database manipulation Level 1 Aug2007 , the summer of the bad Filey Floods, I have had to learn by myself.  So I have muddled into Twitter. It took me about a year to get the hang of it, Facebook is still a bit of a learning curve ,but I have learnt to read all the small print and not do any Game apps. 
Lets see then, if I can get to grips with more techy stuff to serve FileyParish and publicise events around the town . There  are loads of great events in the district that we could know about. I'm up for watching comets from the seats at the end of Queen Street or the Dalby Forest, and sampling Filey Food at the Festival, but Ive noticed that the advertising here in Filey can be poor, except for Filey Methodists very effective  board in 50s style propped up at the corner crossroads. 

As for Tinariwen, I have had them much on my mind the last few weeks. The only time I had ever heard the word Bamako was on BBC Radio 3 World Routes ,with Lucy Duran as she sung the praises of this great  band of Tuareg musicians.
So I am praying for Mali now, and for all those caught up in yet another trouble hotspot in the world.
As for the course, I'm hoping that the title Survival Sessions isnt about  anything ominous. We after all , most of us have so much in the way of blessings in this tiny secure part of North Yorkshire. 

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