Monday, 14 January 2013

The Grace Outpouring

Last night I was uplifted by BBC 1TV  Songs of Praise, especially the 24/7 Prayer Room idea. Earlier in the day I just caught something else on the BBC Radio 4 on the Sunday Programme talking about a Prayer Pilgrimage on the London Underground. God is really trying to get my attention, as this morning at 5.45am following the flashing of message waiting on my smart phone I went in response  into my little office to find my Bible Promises for you . BUT TRY AS MIGHT COULD NOT FIND IT.
I found instead 'The Grace Outpouring' by Roy Goodwin. This  had been a gift to me from my sister Sue 2 years ago. I was waiting (as I one does!) for the right time to read it, and felt this morning was THE TIME.And the right time it certainly is! Not only will help my friend who left the message waiting but it will certainly help this sleepy spiritual backwater (my words) to up its game for the larger world we are part of. Yesterdays BBC and todays bookfind add together to make me realise that in the middle of the present hurts and anxiety and worry for the future All will be well and all will be well.
I'm off to Carol to order lots of copies of The Grace Outpouring to give all the Prayer Trios.

and what does the book say- it says in essence  just BLESS people in and with your prayers, whoever they are , and whatever they have done ,bless your neighbours by praying a blessing over their homes, bless your town the same way. 

A very Happy New Year to you Filey

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  1. Glad that I blessed you with Grace outpouring .

    I missed Songs of Praise but Salt Box and House of Prayer are special places to go.



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