Wednesday, 16 January 2013

First snow in 2013 in Filey

You might be staying in because you have been told to!  You might be going out because you have too!  You might be able to choose to stay in or go out!  Remember just dont worry about it, enjoy the bright skies and the snow laden skies and savour the crunch of the car tyres on the minor roads .

  • and so a prayer for this week
God of the Universe, creator of the weather systems
Bless us and our neighbours today.
Give us wisdom and common sense ,
protect us on icy pavements and roads, 
bless all those who grit the roads or work outdoors,
keep our central heating going,
take away our fears for childcare or how we will get to work
and let us enjoy the glorious and unexpected winter skies.

Thank God we can get around on Public Transport

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