Monday, 10 December 2012

The Hobbit

Thanks Radio Times for this pic*

I can't wait for the film of the Hobbit. I was intrigued to realise that 3 films have been made out of a book I used to read to a class in 6 weeks, at 30mins a day. Lord of the Rings however, 1000s of pages would have taken me years to read, and yet each book only took 1 film.
 Every Christmas holiday I watch the 3 DVDs of the films  Lord of the Rings , back to back. My family go out and leave me to it, going for long walks and looking for bargains in Tesco.
I am reading  'The Hobbit 'before the film as I always do . I am doing it the lazy way as I am very busy with 2 library books on the go as well as the book for my Reading group at Filey Library this Friday. So I am reading my Graphic Novel version, which I have had for 20 yrs. I just cannot see why Graphic Novels do not take off more in this age of rush and colour. I used to ask Mr Wray why he didn't stock them and he said there was no call for them in Filey, maybe not for Manga , but 'The trial ' by Kafka is only readable in the graphic format, and the Bible is great in it for an instant hit. 
I like books which have maps with them, and where the following of the narrative goes well with a map. I'm sure It all started for me with the map on the inside cover  of the Milly Molly Mandy books . I now have maps to go with Lord of the Rings, maps to go with Arthur Upfield detective  novels. 
Now that I have started getting to grips with the topography of Bible lands following visits to Israel, I find a Bible Atlas an essential tool . All the battles in Kings , and journeyings of Paul become much easier to understand using maps, just like realising where Hobbiton is!

Tolkien ,Upfield,and  Lanchester are  of course just fiction, unlike the battle of Michmash.


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